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      Green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving will become a new driving force for the development of the future motor market
      Column:Company News Time:2019-11-03
      As we all know, electric motors are the major consumers of electricity in the national economy, and energy saving is an eternal theme of the motor industry. Some experts ...

      As we all know, the national economy is the main motor of the power-hungry, and energy-saving motor industry is an eternal theme. Some experts said that most of China's energy shortage is due to the energy and
      waste caused by improper use. Our current industrial energy consumption accounts for about 70% of total energy consumption, 60% to 70% of the energy consumption of the motor which accounts for about industrial
      energy consumption. According to the survey, IE1 level of China's motor market share of close to 90% market share, and the company reach more energy-efficient IE2 motors compared to only 8%. This creates a great
      waste of resources for society as a whole. Therefore, the development of efficient electric motor is one of the important measures to improve energy efficiency, to meet the needs of our development, but also very

      Countries are no less effort is needed for publicity and promotion of efficient motors, various dividend policies and regulations are also introduced intensive and gradually implemented.

      Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, to increase promotion efforts, China will strictly be able to comment system, all new projects must use high efficiency motors and other
      energy-savingequipment and products; the central government will take Yijiangdaibu way to encourage through the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation contract energy management
      projects, promote the useof high efficiency motors; the same time, increase energy efficiency energy-saving motor technology development and industrialization demonstration, improve energy efficiency standards,
      continue to do the motor energy efficiency labeling and certification of energy-saving work.

      Chinese market will transfer efficiency motors

          Motor for the Chinese market is very important, "China's share of the global motor market share of 21.5% the next five years, the Chinese market will grow faster than Europe and the Americas to be growing faster
      than any other country." According to IMS Research shows that: the demand for high-power motors have growth worldwide, including the United States, Europe, China and other regions, although the price is high
      power motor expensive side, but the market still has growth in sales in the next five years, We expected to have higher growth.

      According to the survey, the future trend of motors will be shifted to IE2 standard motors after 2015. As for the market share of ultra-efficient IE4 motor types is not high. According to IMS forecast, the IE4 type
      ultra-efficient  motor market share will be 5% in 2015. Reasons for the slow growth was mainly due to the production of electrical materials for the production of high prices caused by the motor electrical products
      prices too high.

      High-efficiency motors are the current international development trend, and relevant regulations have been promulgated in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The latest introduction of the IEC 60034-30
      standard motor efficiency into IE1 (corresponding to eff2), IE2 (corresponding to eff1), IE3, IE4 (up to) four grades. China has implemented the IE1 standard since 2007, and its share was 55% last year. Earlier
      documents stated that China promised to implement IE2 and above standards from July 1, 2011, but the author did not find relevant reports on the implementation of the standards. It is understood that this year's
      standards will change.

      In addition, the gap between the promotion of high-efficiency motors in China and the world is still quite large. The large gap also means that the opportunities are also very large. If China's IE1 motors are completely
      replaced from 90% to IE2, this is a problem for our motor manufacturers. There are many opportunities and challenges.

      For foreign giants who have penetrated into China, they are quite sensitive to the “smell” of policy developments. Based on China's new standards, international giants have already acted well in advance to do the
      transfer work. Siemens has announced the shutdown of General Motors, and the launch of its high efficiency motor SIMOTICS 1LE0 series as a replacement; ABB is no exception, launched M2BA series of high
      efficiency motors, upgrading as M2QA series of electrical products. As for the switch of the new national standard, most domestic manufacturers still hold a hesitant and wait-and-see attitude.

      The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's website publicly solicits opinions on the "High Energy Consumption Backward Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (Products) Elimination Catalogue (Second
      Batch)". The planned high energy consumption backward mechanical and electrical equipment includes 135 items in 12 categories. schedule.

      With the process of switching high-efficiency motors, a large number of local Chinese manufacturers that do not have high-efficiency motors will be eliminated and withdrawn from the market, and the market
      will therefore increase.